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Q. What is Social Enterprise?

Apollo is a social enterprise, an organization that has a commitment to social responsibility where profit meets purpose. Our mission is to improve access to education through programs that promote mentorship, and bridge the achievement gap through community engagement.

Q. What Motivates Apollo's Mission?

The disparity in education across metropolitan areas is striking. In Dallas ISD 70% of students graduate high school, but less than 20% are college ready. Mentorship and student engagement have statistically been shown to improve student performance and promote skill development.

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Q. Does Apollo Have a Center?

No, we do not have a center. We provide personalized service at a location that works best for you. We offer tutoring in-home or at common locations such as libraries, coffee shops, or university campuses.

Q. Does Apollo Offer Video Tutoring?

Apollo Tutors does provide video tutoring as an option for students who are not available for in-home tutoring or if their schedule is limited to video tutoring. We use an Online Whiteboard that allows for students to interact with tutors using diagrams, charts, and Wolfram Alpha

Q. What Makes a Student's Learning Style Unique?

A student’s learning style is influenced by both their modal learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, read/write) and also their personality type. Understanding each student’s learning style and matching it to others who share this same style is crucial for a successful personalized learning session. That’s why at Apollo Tutors we give each student and tutor the True Colors Test. The True Colors Test allows us to match students and tutors with similar personality and learning styles. By analyzing each student’s learning style, we are able to match them with a tutor who will address their individual learning needs, ambitions, interests, and goals.

Q. How To Book a Tutor With Apollo?

  • Create a profile on our website
  • Enter your Subjects, Availability, and Learning Style.
  • We will find a tutor who matches your profile.
  • The Tutor will confirm a schedule for your session.
  • You can pay for your session online using our payment gateway.

Q. Signing Up

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Q. Troubleshooting

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