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Apollo Tutors is an emerging social enterprise offering tutoring for K-12 classes, SAT/ACT College Prep, and Undergraduate courses. We work closely with schools, non-profits, and think tanks to connect students with enriching academic experiences to promote social responsibility using evidence-based best practices

Every Hour we tutor a client, we tutor a child in need for Free

We call it Buy One, Teach One

Early Childhood Education

Apollo Tutors provides enrichment programs for phonics, numeracy, and language immersion for children ages 3-6.

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Apollo Tutors provides exceptional one-on-one academic tutoring that uses real-time analytics to custom-tailor instruction to the learning needs of our students.

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College Prep

Apollo Tutors provides for standardized test preparation (SAT/ACT), interview skills, and college counseling to help position students for success in college.

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Apollo Tutors is here to guide you into a successful undergraduate career with the assistance of our highly qualified tutors.

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Have a question? email or call/text us at 888-406-3988

The Apollo Difference

Apollo Tutors was founded by SMU Alumni to provide high quality educational services to students of all ages and demographics. We strive to improve the face of education in the community by encouraging scholarship, character, and excellence. We seek motivated individuals who share our passion for scholarship, mentorship, and excellence.

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Enlightening the Community

Apollo tutors was founded on the mission of social responsibility to provide access to education to all students. We work closely with local schools, nonprofits, and schools to connect volunteers with meaningful tutoring opportunities in Urban School Districts. Learn more about our mission: Buy One, Teach One

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