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Apollo Tutors offers fast, effective private tutoring for Undergraduate courses, K-12 classes, and SAT/ACT College Prep.
We can connect you with a verified, professional tutor in 48 hours or less.

Every Hour we tutor a client, we tutor a child in need for Free

We call it Buy One, Teach One

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College Tutoring

We offer on-demand on-campus tutoring at a schedule that works for you. Our tutors have mastered their course material & flexible to assist you on your coursework. Get matched with a tutor in 48 hrs or less

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K-12 Tutoring

Apollo Tutors provides one-on-one academic tutoring, emphasizing the right fit of tutor to accelerate student learning.

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Test Prep & Standardized Testing

Apollo Tutors provides for standardized test preparation (SAT/ACT), interview skills, and college counseling to help position students for success in college.

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Early Childhood Enrichment

Apollo Tutors provides enrichment programs for phonics, numeracy, and language immersion for children ages 3-6.

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Meet with a Tutor in 48 hrs or less

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Our mission is to provide optimal learning by working with tutors who exemplify scholarship, mentorship, and excellence.
We offer flexible scheduling and rewarding opportunities to engage with students.

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Enlightening the Community

We were founded on the mission of social responsibility.
We work closely with local schools, nonprofits, and schools to connect volunteers with meaningful tutoring opportunities in Urban School Districts. Learn more about our mission: Buy One, Teach One

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